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There are three key institutional outputs from the TEQIP-II Good Governance Programme:

  1. Governance Self-Review
  2. Governance Development Plan
  3. Governance Guidelines Document

More than 160 institutions have prepared Governance Self-Reviews. A number of institutions have also prepared an initial Governance Development Plan/Priorities.

The experiences of TEQIP institutions have been incorporated into the resources of and the Good Governance Programme sections of the website.

Now the focus is on institutions implementing good governance through the documenting of their institutional governance processes and practices in a Governance Guidelines Document. BVBCET, Hubli, as a pilot institution, has completed all three stages of the good governance programme. The principal, Dr Shettar, shares his experience of the process and its relevance in his PPT presentation to institutions in Andhra Pradesh.

The Expert Advisory Group (EAG) has provided written feedback to 142 institutions on self-reviews so far, on behalf of the NPIU. The EAG generic interim progress reports are available on the website:


Our resources section holds a range of resources aimed at governing body members, institutional leaders and managers, state and national leaders, Mentors and Performance Auditors and others interested in governance, leadership and management synergies.

Find out what lessons are being gained and shared:

TEQIP Management Capacity Enhancement Programme

Discussions are taking place between the Expert Advisory Group and IIMs to find greater synergies regarding governance, leadership and management training needs of TEQIP institutions. These include the development of a common curriculum by six IIMs.

Each of the following IIMs will work with a specific group of TEQIP institutions:

IIM Bangalore
IIM Indore
IIM Lucknow
IIM Kozhikode
IIM Raipur
IIM Trichy
IIM Udaipur

External governors give their views on governance, autonomy and accountability

Mr. Ramadorai
Chairman of the National Skills Development Agency, India; and Vice-Chairman of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

Dr. Atre
Country head of AMD India, member of the BVB Governing Council

Sir George Cox
Chair of the Council of the University of Warwick, UK

Governance of Technical Education In India: Key Issues, principles and case studies