Enhancing the capabilities of technical education in India

The purpose of the second Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme of the Government of India (TEQIP ) Good Governance Programme is to enhance the capabilities of technical education institutions in India.

The TEQIP Good Governance Programme seeks to support and strengthen the capacity of governing bodies to carry out their duties in guiding and overseeing the activities of technical education institutions in India. Developing effective governance will underpin their long-term development.

There is a specific focus on institutions helping one another by willingly sharing experiences, and engaging in regular self-review, recognising the importance of identifying and supporting governance development needs, and most importantly implementing good governance.

The Need for Good Governance

Good governance ensures that stakeholders, including students, faculty and institutional management, as well as those from the wider society, have full confidence and trust in our institutions - and that all those who have governance responsibilities and accountabilities, both within and outside institutions, carry these out effectively.

Effective governance at all levels is one of the most important keys to the improvement of the quality of learning, teaching and research outcomes in India, as it is internationally. In keeping with the current reform initiatives in India, effective governance requires strengthening of autonomy with accountability.




Self-review is a key activity and output of the TEQIP Good Governance Programme through which institutions carry out an honest assessment of their current governance practice.

Supporting governance development needs of individual governors, governing bodies and institutions. An output of the TEQIP Good Governance Programme is to see how governance development is built into institutional development through a time bound governance development plan with clear goals and action plans.



Implementing good governance practice is the primary outcome of the TEQIP Good Governance Programme demonstrated by institutions developing and documenting their own governance guidelines based on the principles set out in the TEQIP Good Practice Guide for Governing Bodies.
Sharing experience of the TEQIP Good Governance Programme through good governance learning forums, and sharing of institutional case studies to identify good practice, and the need to embed continuous improvement and identify common gaps, barriers and issues.