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The TEQIP Good Governance programme promotes continuous development, through regular monitoring and benchmarking, and sharing experience.

Dr Shettar, Principal of “BVBCET (now the KLE Technological University)”, Hubli, shares his experience and understanding of the TEQIP Good Governance Programme, and explains how his institution sees this as a process of continuous improvement.


Institutions will benefit greatly from having detailed Governance
Development Action Plans with clear and timed targets and explicit
monitoring proposals. The BVB Hubli Action Plan template provides a
good example. Those plans will themselves need to be kept up to date.

The TEQIP Management Capacity Enhancement Programme will
provide a forum in which institutions can compare their experiences and
benchmark their progress against each other.

In the longer term, regular reviews of the effectiveness of governance can,
and should, involve external inputs and comparison of progress against
other TEQIP institutions.


The TEQIP Good Governance programme and governance website
actively promote the sharing of experience.

Good Governance learning forums have been, and will continue to be,
organised for invited institutional representatives to share experience of good
practice (gathered nationally and internationally), as well as common gaps,
barriers and issues. They will draw from their experience of governance self-review (aspects of good practice and key areas that they believe will
need to be developed to strengthen their governance practice).

Institutions are encouraged to help one another and some institutions have
volunteered to share their experience - starting with their self-review and governance development plan with other TEQIP institutions. BVB Hubli, a
pilot institution, has completed the Good Governance Programme early in
order that they may share their experience with other institutions. Other
institutions' experiences are also built into the many resources accumulating
on the website (for example, see Leadership and Governance), and the
story of the 'transition' made by the College of Engineering, in Pune.

In the resources section, we recommend that you also listen to a number of
the short interviews. These are offer perspectives and insights from
governing body chairs and members, and institutional and national leaders.

If you have further suggestions for sharing experiences please Contact Us


Self-review is a key activity and output of the TEQIP Good Governance Programme through which institutions carry out an honest assessment of their current governance practice.

Supporting governance development needs of individual governors, governing bodies and institutions. An output of the TEQIP Good Governance Programme is to see how governance development is built into institutional development through a time bound governance development plan with clear goals and action plans.



Implementing good governance practice is the primary outcome of the TEQIP Good Governance Programme demonstrated by institutions developing and documenting their own governance guidelines based on the principles set out in the TEQIP Good Practice Guide for Governing Bodies.
Sharing experience of the TEQIP Good Governance Programme through good governance learning forums, and sharing of institutional case studies to identify good practice, and the need to embed continuous improvement and identify common gaps, barriers and issues.