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Sir George Cox is Chair of the Council (the governing body) of Warwick University. He began his career as an aeronautical engineer. As an entrepreneur, he later formed the highly regarded IT consulting and research company, Butler Cox, developed it, floated it on the London Stock Exchange and presided over its sale to a major international group. As a corporate executive, he was Managing Director of Unisys UK before taking over responsibility for all of its European systems and service businesses. He has served as Senior Independent Director of LIFFE (the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange), as Director General of the Institute of Directors and as Chair of the Design Council, and most recently as a Board Member of NYSE-Euronext, the global exchange group. He is a former international rowing coach.

Sir George Cox answers questions on governance and leadership:

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Self-review is a key activity and output of the Good Governance Programme through which institutions can examine their current governance practice. Self-review can be undertaken regularly (for example every 3 -5 years).

Supporting governance development needs of individual governors, governing bodies, institutions and States is a key activity of this and other national and regional initiatives. Another output of the Good Governance Programme is a Governance Development Plan to see how governance development is built into institutional development through clear, timebound action planning.



Implementing good governance practice is the primary outcome of the Good Governance Programme demonstrated by institutions developing their own governance guidelines which sets out institutional governance practices based on the TEQIP Good Practice Guide for Governing Bodies. This would include a process and timetable for monitoring and reviewing governance practise.
Sharing experience underpins and supports the Good Governance Programme through good governance learning forums, sharing of institutional case studies of good practice, highlighting common gaps, barriers and issues, and helping institutions to learn from one another.